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Sooo.... If any humans are actually seeing this, give it a read. How about all these likes, eh? Over 16,000 now, up from 3500 at the beginning of March! Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Well, rather less than shockingly, it is... seems someone around the scene has paid for more "Likes", which gets you likes from a ton of brand new fake profiles, mostly from people in Egypt and the rest of the Middle East. We seem to have been lumped in with a group of genre-related bands in some sort of batch script, and we all get liked immediately after the profile gets created.. Probably in an effort to hide whoever originally paid. Thing is, it's all counterproductive. We only reach a certain percentage of our fans with each post as it is, and now our 3 or 4000 *actual* fans are being diluted with over 12,000 fake profiles. So now we're actually reaching even less of you than before! Hopefully Facebook will weed this garbage out soon.. in the meantime, there's very little you can do. Like or comment on our stuff so we show up in your feed more often, or do the "get notifications" thing. Or, just check in on your own. (and if any of you hear which band or label started this mess, I'd love to know!) Apologies for any inconvenience.. I promise it's not our doing. -- Derek

This follows on from the recent post Petey Graves: Bands buying fake Facebook likes and how it's affecting Red Seas Fire

Note the Similarity

Petey Graves: For the past few weeks we have experience a massive influx of what appear to be fake likes, none of the members of our band have bought facebook likes nor do any of us know where they are coming from, it is affecting us negatively and this video discusses why.