John Petrucci: Dream Theater Studio Rig Tour 2013

Dream Theater's John Petrucci sent us a rig tour of the Mesa amps he's using in the studio for their new album. A wide assortment of vintage Boogie Mark III, Mark IV and a few prized Mark IIC+ heads from his collection make up the early Boogie usage. Current amps like the Royal Atlantic RA-100, Triaxis/2:90 and the mainstay of John's studio and live rig, the Mark V round out the modes, tones, channels and sounds in use on their upcoming 2013 album in progress.

John walks us through "Boogie Mountain" in the studio and provides a few details on what amps are used for what sounds where as well as some insights into the Dream Theater studio process for guitar sounds overall. Amazing stuff for any Dream Theater/ John Petrucci enthusiast. Enjoy!

John Petrucci/Dream Theater Studio Rig Tour 2013