Ryu Seino: working on some hot tapping

Ryu Seino working through a hot tapping backing track... what will the solo be like?!?

Ryu Seino: demo recording for new song.
every part of this video is backing track. not solo!
this will be an insane song...

Ryu : Demo recording for new song

Tapping Licks for Improvisation.
ex.1-2 : based on m7 chord tone.
ex.3-6 : based on diminished chord and scale.
Tabs : https://www.box.com/s/pnd4saev9uecmdw...
Tapping Licks for Improvisation 1 w/ Tabs

Licks from Aldevetz' song(demo)
tabs here.

natural minor, chromatic, mixolydian b6, and altered are used.

Licks from Aldevetz Vol.2 w/ Tabs