Dave Kilminster: dmme.net interview

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When I heard “Scarlet” for the first time – and it was not the “Director’s Cut” but its original version – what surprised me was that it was a vocal album, as I knew you, from "The Alchemists"album and so on, as a maestro instrumentalist. How do you rate yourself as a singer, then?

(Laughs.) That’s a good question! “Scarlet” was the first time I ever tried to sing vocals, first time ever, first time I tried to record lead vocals. And I was quite pleased with it at the time but I know that now, four or five years later, my voice is a lot better, so I think the vocals on the next album will be more of how I wanted to sing. I didn’t think I’m bad – I wouldn’t sing if I didn’t think there was something there – I think I get the emotion across, I get the point across. And also there’s a lot of terrible singers out there in famous rock bands. (Giggles.)

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And when you played with John Wetton he wasn’t in the best of shapes.

Yes, you’re right. (Laughs.) That was my first ever big tour, with John. To be honest, if I started to work with someone like that now, then I would just say, “Look, no, forget it. I’m not doing it”. But at the time I didn’t know then what I know now: my experience has taught me that I wouldn’t put myself in that situation again, because it’s not fair to anyone. We did some shows that we shouldn’t have done, and I felt like we cheated the audience a little bit.