Eric Calderone: tribute to Jeff Hanneman

Raining Doom (Doom Meets Metal/Jeff Hanneman Tribute)

Hey guys,

So I was in the middle of a request (Doom in this case) and heard the tragic news of Jeff Hanneman's death. I'm a very big bay area thrash fan so I just wanted to give him a big ups for all the music he gave us. Can't even tell ya how many times I've jammed with a band to a Slayer tune. But i didn't want to abandon Doom so here we are with Raining Doom. Thank you guys so much for everything, it means the entire world to me. Big ups for all the comments, suggestions, subs, messages, donations, fan art, and support. You always rock my casbah!

P.s. extra big ups for those who are voting for me in the Golden God awards. Just being nominated is beyond words.

Best to ya