Jonas Reingold,Jakko M Jakszyk: Tangent CD "Le Sacre Du Travail" preorder

Pre-Order The new Tangent CD "Le Sacre Du Travail" here and get a signed copy from yours truly.

Pre-Order and more info:
It´s been quite silent lately from Reingold Records but it´s been a crazy year with The Flowerkings. We have hit on the Banks of Eden tour Europe twice, Japan and US and next weekend we´re going to Canada. I believe we have played close to 50 shows. Between shows we recorded a new album as well.
When things slow down a bit I will take time to finish up the live DVD from the RosFest gig 2012 with Karmakanic plus I´m currently working on new material as well. 

Me and Nils Erikson from Karmakanic have been working on a duo project close to two years now, hopefully it will see the light of day this autumn. It´s a 70ish pop/prog album sounding like early Bowie/Genesis. The working title is Ellipsis.

Lalle Larsson will record a trio album later this summer featuring yours truly and Morgan Ågren. It will be a demanding job for me to play all those crazy tunes Lalle has written, add the spice from Ågrens drumming and a new universe will unfold.

And for now enjoy the spring and the sunshine. Hopefully good health will come and greet you all with the sunniest smile upon its face.

With love / Jonas Reingold