Ray Riendeau,Marco Sfogli,Peter Wildoer,Matt Guillory: James LaBrie album - This is really a killer record!

Ray Riendeau
Been listening to a few mixes by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios of the new James LaBrie record I played on with Matt Guillory, Marco Sfogli and Peter Wildoer. This is really a killer record and although I thought it would be impossible to top Static Impulse I think we may have very well done so! Can't wait for this release!

Marco Sfogli
The mixes I heard so far from the new James LaBrie record are simply awesome. Can't wait for you to hear it. It's going to be a kickass record

Peter Wildoer
Just heard the first track that Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios mixed for the new James Labrie album. This album will be great! Matt Guillory, Marco Sfogli, Ray Riendeau and James LaBrie all set the bar really high this time and their musicianship is stunning. Matt's and Peter Wichers songwriting are also equally mind-blowing. I had such a great time recording this album and it was a pleasure to track it with one of the best engineers around, Johan Ă–rnborg. Honored to be part of this band and I can't wait to hear all you guys reactions to this album!!! :)

Matt Guillory
Hey folks, can't announce a specific release date yet for the new James LaBrie album, but it will be summer 2013 for sure :) Mixes are EPIC!