Daniele Gottardo,Jordane Richet: Jordane named as Executive Producer for the upcoming CD

Daniele Gottardo and his team would like to thank Jordane Richet for becoming the Executive Producer of the upcoming Daniele Gottardo CD. Jordane will get some special personal items and information through direct communication with Daniele. Daniele says "Jordane, you rule!"

The figure sponsored currently stands at 4207 Euros and you can help this project come to fruition in many ways... to find out how, see the fundraising web site: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/daniele-gottardo-second-cd-recording-project

We still have private living room concerts, signature pickups, gottyboy distortion pedals for the other fans!

Jordane Richet: Hi, Jordane from Brest, France.
I was not satisfied (and that was driving me nuts) with my last recent cover of Marrakesh Market (Daniele Gottardo). Indeed, there were too many approximations and wrong notes.So i decided to work again this song but, this time, with headphones to maximize my concentration !
This is a 100% real live cover....there is always some wrong and out of tempo notes, especially in the solo part, but i tried to compensate by a powerful rendition (my fingers are totally injured today :-)). This is a purely tribute to Daniele's work. Marrakesh Market is a very difficult song...that could drives you crazy if you are looking for a good rendition. A real tour de force from Daniele Gottardo. Only a GOTTYBOY pedal (from Eleven Electrix), a computer and vst plugins were used for this recording. If you like this cover( and even if you don't), please help Daniele Gottardo to finish the current recordings of his new CD :
Open your ears, this new CD will a be a true revolution in the guitar world...now it's your chance to contribute to this marvelous project.
Can't you hear the genius within ? :
Jordane Richet - Daniele Gottardo - Frenzy of Ecstasy - Marrakesh Market (cover)