Heidi Parviainen,Kasperi Heikkinen: Heidi Parviainen - Dark Sarah - striking symphonic metal

Dark Sarah is making it's first studio album. The musical style will combine elements of film music and metal music. Heidi has announced several guest musicians like Manuela Kraller (XANDRIA), Inga Scharf (VAN CANTO), Kasperi Heikkinen (U.D.O, MERGING FLARE), Jukka Koskinen (WINTERSUN, AMBERIAN DAWN) and Heikki Saari (NAILDOWN, TUONI) to feature on her first album.

Heidi: "This is a dream come true to me and the sky is the only limit for what I can do from now on, I will use the whole range of my creativity. I'm going to search for my boundaries, both musically and mentally. I'm also going to include my instrument, the piano, to Dark Sarah's music, it has been accumulating dust for too long and I believe it is time for it too. The birth of Dark Sarah came along with the first lyrics I wrote for this new project. The idea suddenly struck me with with the force of lightning and everything became really clear. I started to write a story about Dark Sarah herself, and the idea of the split personality of Sarah represents the battle of light and dark in her mind and I will try to bring that set-up to music too. So far I have been an interpreter for other peoples's music as I like the variety that comes along with the possibility to choose interesting songs that tickle my lyrical imagination best. But his time I'm also going to do some co-writing.”


Dark Sarah - Save Me