Hanako Fujiwara: Japanese all girl band Albion announce 1st.single - Rondo of fantasy of Deep Forest

Released June 12, 2013
Trailer "Rondo of fantasy of Deep Forest" Albion 1st.single to sound and produced hibiki (LIGHT BRINGER) mixing, mastering the Pinetree (UNDEAD CORPORATION) to welcome the long-awaited Albion 1st.single of the Deep " Rondo "fantasy of the forest will be released! I mean "white" in Albion · · · Latin. HR / HM band by women members "Albion" story based on the concept, songs and dramatic the "garden of illusion" that spread in the middle of forest and will deliver the performance and visual that represents the concept and lyrics of sex . The people you have never heard the HR / HM not only HR / HM fan of conventional I was listening means well. "Welcome to the Garden of fantasy ..." [band profile] Gt. Hanako and Vo. lily co-star in the June 2012 session. we decide where they hit it off, to launch a new girl band. . RINO Dr, Ba after four people line up to call out to. Xiang. Key. Saki March 2013 joined as


full members. ■ member
Vo lily. 
Gt Hanako. 
Ba Xiang.  
Dr. RINO. 
Key Saki.

YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/Albiongarden

Albion Official HP: http://albiongerden.web.fc2.com/
Rondo of fantasy of Deep Forest" Albion 1st.single