Tommy Emmanuel: Live and Solo in Pensacola, Florida

Recorded at the Jean & Paul Amos
Performance Studio in Pensacola, Florida this CD/DVD set contains 17 tracks of Tommy exactly how you want him: live, solo and acoustic!

This self-released title includes old and new favorites on one CD and one DVD* *dvd has bonus "hands only" angle for select tracks

Full track list below Only available as CD/DVD set and exclusively through CPR Entertainment $30 USD buy it online or look for it at Tommy's live shows
**Shipping begins October!**

Tommy Emmanuel cgp Live and Solo in Pensacola, Florida

Tracklist: (same for CD and DVD)
- El Vaquero*
- Hope Street
- The Bug*
- Traveling Clothes
- Endless Road
- Countrywide*
- Dixie McGuire
- Waltzing Matilda*
- Miyazki's Dream
- Windy and Warm
- Secret Love
- Blood Brother
- Angelina
- The Duke
- The Trails
- Drums
- The TE Ranch*

*"hands only" angle available