Isao Fujita,Ai Onuma,Shoko Nagasaki,Keigo Takada: completes a reunion show with Zonk-Monk

Also, nice to have a reunion with my friends Kai and Goh from L.A!
Co-star and Zonk Monk are always fun, but challenging and there want there!

It was good if it ended, but I didn't have much time to practice fully all live ~! From L.A made temporary Kurosawa brothers reunited in the tour, was happy

Ai Onuma(Key)
Shoko Nagasaki(Key)
Keigo Takada(Dr)

Isao Fujita I will restart my solo project Spark7 next year! planning lots of things with the band!

Feb 22, 2014  - Spark7@Silver Elephant 吉祥寺

ISAO(7&8st G)
mi-ya(7st G) Taku Yabuki(Key) Takayuki Sakamoto(B) Yuki(Dr)

Zonk-Monk: Disorder-out of the cosmos

Some videos from an earlier show

flow of time (zonk-monk with 國田大輔)

into the twilight (zonk-monk with 國田大輔)