Jarle H Olsen: Ivan Chopik interviews the master of stun guitar for guitarmessenger.com

Hailing from Norway, Jarle H. Olsen is one of today’s finest guitarists and composers of melodic progressive metal. His full-length debut album, Quadrasonic, showcases his talents through its emotive atmospheres, surgically precise performances, and lavish harmonies. Rooted in neoclassical metal and fusion playing styles, Jarle has forged a recognizable voice on his instrument; one which he never fails to pair with memorable melody and elegant songwriting.

IC: Can you tell us about your current projects? I know that last year you released your first full-length solo instrumental album, Quadrasonic, and you have a new record out with your thrash metal band Pitch Black Mentality.

JO: My main project is Quadrasonic and I’ve started working on some new material for it, as well. Apart from that, I have another funny project with Bjarte and a friend coming up, featuring over 30 tunes. So stay tuned…

Yeah, my buddy [Frank Natås] recently released a new album called The Pitch Black Reality, which I happen to play all lead guitars on. It’s basically old school thrash metal with some new twists here and there. I can recommend it to any metal fans, as there are plenty of kick-ass thrash tunes on the album.

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