Sapphire Ng: Wonderful Slippery Thing Promo Video

Behind-The-Scenes photos:

Sapphire Ng: Guitarist, Model, Dancer

Watch other guitar performances of Sapphire here:
Guitar cover of "The Chicken" (Jaco Pastorius)

Guitar cover of Candy Dulfer/Average White Band "Pick Up The Pieces":

Funk Skanking Technique:

Fusion Jazz, original composition written using Dbmaj7(#5) arpeggio & F Blues scale:

To read about Sapphire, the story of inspiration behind some of her compositions, articles on her guitars and guitar licks, go here:

Sapphire Ng MODELING:
SuperCars Photoshoot 2, advanced series of poses, featuring hot pink Nissan FairLady 350Z and electric blue Toyota MR-S

SuperCars Photoshoot 1: LAMBORGHINI SuperLeggara; TOYOTA MRS; HONDA S2000.

"Wonderful Slippery Thing" Sapphire Ng-Guitar Cover (Guthrie Govan) [Music Video]


Wonderful Slippery Thing (Guthrie Govan) - Sapphire Ng