Stéphan Forté: Ibanez RG Premium in the capable hands of Adagio lead axe man

Stéphan Forté of Adagio with RG Premium
Stephan Forté's virtuosity and fierce imagination have been lighting up the sound of France's dark prog metallers Adagio since 2001. Range, invention, and dramatic tension of his style sharpen the edge of neoclassical guitar and re-define what it means to be a shredder. After five albums with Adagio, Forté's solo debut "The Shadows Compendium" leaps into the stratosphere, uniting highly technical chops,
romanticism and spectacular narratives. Acclaim follows from guitar gurus such as Jason Becker, and Marty Friedman invites him to support his 2012 European tour. Stéphan is at the moment putting the final touches to the writing of his second solo album, which is without any doubt about to raise the shred game to the next level.