Andy James: plays "In The Fading Light" on EMGtv and free jam track

It's been almost a year since Andy James has been to our studio. Now he's back playing his 7 Sting guitar with EMG 57 -7H and 66-7H pickups. Andy performs his new track, "In The Fading Light" for EMGtv.
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Andy James plays "In The Fading Light" on EMGtv

Round House

Round house is our latest free track, available now for immediate download or streaming! Taken from 2013's Modern Rock Series 1, it was co-written by Luke Roberts (backing track) and Andy James (solo example).

This track is just great for jamming. For the first two main themes you can use the trusty minor pentatonic scale, and then in the second theme try using the A major pentatonic and A Aeolian scales!

In true Andy James style, the solo is great to learn too and will certainly give you inspiration for creating your own jams!

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