Johnatha Bastos: Kiko Loureiro - No gravity - amazing tribute played by his feet!

Guys, I'm starting a series of covers to honor major peers, playing great successes, issues, and with the support of both strings as NIG MUSIC pedals. This series will be a thank you to these great names and also to carry out this new support NIG! I will use ropes TRADITIONAL CLASS 0.10 where I can take a heavy sound, bright and at the same time getting a great durability! It's incredible! The pedals are NIG: Compressor, Hot Drive, Power Distortion, Booster, Analog Stereo Dual Chorus and Delay Analog TapTempo. THANK NIGMUSIC and Sydnei OAK FOR THIS GREAT STRENGTH!
's guitars are one Tagima JA1 and a strato-tuned DROP C \ o /
My amp is a Meteor MGV7 SPARFLEX and cables ... too much / So come on, the song is "No Gravity" Big Kiko Loureiro. Hope you enjoy, God bless you! \ O /

Johnatha Bastos - No gravity (Tributo a Kiko Loureiro)

Johnatha Bastos - Double Vision (Tributo a Alex Martinho e Sydnei Carvalho)

Johnatha Bastos - balada (Tributo ao Juninho Afram)