Per Nilsson: .strandberg* - "The Anomaly" at Musikmesse 2014

SCAR SYMMETRY's PER NILSSON performs "The Anomaly" at Musikmesse 2014
Per Nilsson
"The Anomaly", from the Scar Symmetry album "The Unseen Empire", performed at Frankfurt's Musikmesse 2014.

The guitar is the Per Nilsson signature .strandberg* seven string guitar - SINGULARITY - featuring 27 True Temperament frets, EMG pickups and a smokin' hot swirl paint job from Livewire Guitars.

The amp used in this video is the Randall RD100, with a delay pedal in the loop for the leads. Instead of a traditional cab, the speaker output of the RD100 goes to a Torpedo VB-101, which is a loadbox and cabsim - a nifty little device from Two Notes Audio Engineering. The RD100 and the VB-101 is a deadly combo!