Christian Muenzner,Danny Tunker,Morean: Alkaloid - The Indiegogo campaign reached its goal

The Indiegogo campaign reached its goal

We want to thank you a million times for your support!!
Thanks to you the Alkaloid crowdfunding campaign reached its financial goal already!!!

Now we can start with the production of some products earlier to make sure that you will get your packages as soon as possible.
The campaign is running until the end of January and there is still a lot of exclusive material that you won't get anymore after the campaign is over.
The additional money that comes in now will be spend for the project EXCLUSIVELY! We want to ensure the highest quality level possible for this production and therefore we have a lot of expenses. Now we will have more possibilities to put an eye on the details and we can pay bills that we planned to pay out of our own pockets to make the album happen. Depending on how the campaign will end we will use the rest of the money for something productive. We'll keep you updated about that.
Let us know what you're interested in on Alkaloid's facebook page. What do you think about a music video?

Thank You!

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