Thayer Aletheia-Zomlefer: 13 Year Old Guitar Hero goes to meet Jason Becker

Thayer, you jammed for the legendary Jason Becker at his home. Playing guitar in front of one of the best guitarists on Earth must be a little bit difficult and stressful. Can you tell us more about those moments and if you have any memories you would like to share here?

It was definitely overwhelming at first! The videos that were posted on Facebook were shot in the first portion of the day when I was still very nervous. As the night progressed and I got to know Jason better, I became much more comfortable and played much better and more naturally. Jason and his family were so welcoming and encouraging! I was upset because I couldn’t bring my guitar on the plane and when I met Jason, he immediately said “My first rule is…you get to play any guitar you want!” Jason kept suggesting different guitars for me to try. It was a dream come true!

I had a lot of very specific technical questions about Jason’s songs and he was really great about answering all of them. It was pretty amazing how he could remember all of the little details of his songs from the ’80’s. It was an incredible experience. I felt like I knew Jason through his music and in person he surpassed even my highest expectations.

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