Jason Spell: Guitar Competitions and You - thought provoking post

Guitar Competitions and You.

This blog is going to be my take on the whole “culture” that surrounds guitar competitions, but before I get into all that, I want to congratulate Kee Poh Hock for his win in the recent.strandberg* competition, as well as Shane Keaney and Marc Lambert, the runners-up. Great job!

The three players highlighted are all great examples of stellar musicianship and creativity, and the great thing is that these musicians will now have more recognition for their efforts. This is a great thing.

And for background, before the article progresses, I’d like to point out quickly that I run the largest Facebook group dedicated specifically to Guitar Competitions. (Do try to follow the one rule, please.)

These things said, I’ve been involved in quite a few of these guitar competitions now, so I have some definite opinions of how they are run, and what I think their impact is on the guitar community.