Janne Nieminen, Emil Pohjalainen: happy shredding new year!!

Artist: Janne Nieminen & Emil Pohjalainen

im Janne nieminen from finland . i mostly listen music everyday and practice guitar 6 hours everyday. im small guy and i have great sense of humor . i have been playing guitar something like 10 years and im self taught guitar player. Emil: im 30 years old shredaholic from finland too. i've played guitar for 17 years and been active in several bands for like 10 years or something. i've had some luck to get to tour with some of my idols symphony x, nevermore and wintersun, done +100 shows outside of finland and played on seven albums released by labels etc, but never had a real instrumental band before this new one we just put up with Janne. when i was younger i always dreamt of playing true guitar music like Jason becker,Vinnie moore and of course mr. Yngwie Malmsteen and then later after getting so involved and spending so many years with ''normal'' bands the dream was kind of in a way forgotten a bit, now when Janne contacted me and i asked him the chance to join forces with him the dream woke p, clearer than ever! Now i cant wait to get this thing going !

GUITAR GODS - Janne Nieminen & Emil Pohjalainen