Sithu Aye,Mark Holcomb, David Maxim Micic, Aaron Marshall: Set Course for Andromeda - Sithu's latest progressive metal from Glasgow

Set Course for Andromeda
by Sithu Aye

1.Space Cadet 01:53

2.Set Course for Andromeda!!! 08:37

3.Constants and Variables


5.Beyond the Boundary

6.Transient Transistors

7....We Actually Made it to Andromeda!!!

8.The Andromedan Pt I: A Single Step

9.The Andromedan Pt II: Mystic Village

10.The Andromedan Pt III: Trials of the Elements

11.The Andromedan Pt IV: The Darkness Within

12.The Andromedan Pt V: Rebirth

13.The Andromedan Pt VI: Mother of Creation

Digital pre-order for 'Set Course for Andromeda', set to release on the 4th of May, 2016.
More information to follow.
releases May 4, 2016
A huge thanks to everybody who contributed a guest spot to the album - all of you really helped to make this release special.
Set Course for Andromeda!!! - Guitar solo by Jake Howsam Lowe and Violin by Yvette Young.
Constants and Variables - Guitar solo by Stephen Taranto
Spiral - Piano composition and performance by Luke Martin and guitar solo by Plini
Beyond the Boundary - Guitar solo by David Maxim Micic
Transient Transistors - Guitar solo by Aaron Marshall
...We Actually Made it to Andromeda!!! - Guitar solo by Mark Holcomb.