Nick Andrew: guitar synth for '1984' Van Halen

I was mucking about with my Imposcar synth and discovered a sound along the lines of Eddie Van Halen's 1984 sound, so I decided to learn the piece. Someone did ask at a gig if I could do some Van Halen guitar vids!!!!
It is totally off the cuff and I should have used my hold pedal, but it's all in storage. What you hear is what you get!
I'm using my Triple play to control the G-Force imposcar which is in my Macbook pro, going straight into a wee Vox mini 3.
Like I said it was off the cuff, so I recorded it straight onto my iphone.

Huge thank you to the chaps at Robertson music for letting me do so many 80's farts in the basement.

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'1984' Van Halen cover by Nick Andrew