Bryan Baker, Hadrien Feraud, Andy Sanesi: KILLER show available for download - name your price

Bryan Baker
The KILLER show last night featuring Me, Hadrien Feraud and Andy Sanesi at Alvas Music is now available as a free download over on my Bandcamp page. This is also the first gig to debut my pick-less, totally finger style right hand technique on electric, something I've been shedding for years and finally have together. Check it out. Free music. The new normal. Enjoy.

On June 10th, 2016 Bryan Baker, Hadrien Feraud and Andy Sanesi played a concert at Alva's Showroom in San Pedro, CA. This album documents that show in its entirety, broken monitor wedges and all.
releases June 11, 2017

Bryan Baker - Guitar
Hadrien Feraud - Bass
Andy Sanesi - Drums and Sampling