Zakk Wylde: Rig Rundown - with premier guitar

Article and photos:

PG’s John Bohlinger hung with Zakk Wylde before soundcheck during the Nashville stop of the Generation Axe tour. Wylde, an intimidating muscle-bound shred monster turned out to be perhaps the nicest guy on the planet, is a renaissance man, and a titian of industry. Zakk humbly took us through his rig full of newly-launched Wylde Audio wares.

The guitars Wylde tours with are the same off-the-shelf models that are available through Wylde Audio. Typically, the Black Label Society frontman hangs on to one axe through an entire set and on this particular night this Warhammer model got the call. It features a mahogany body, maple neck, ebony fretboard, Floyd Rose tremolo, and a set of Wylde’s signature EMG pickups.

Wylde also plays this Wylde Audio Viking V. It has nearly identical specs as the Warhammer, but with a pinstripe finish.

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