Jason Becker: "Billy The Carrot" - Unreleased Demo #2 - soulful performance

My 2nd "new" song. When I was young, we often spent time in the desert. This song was me looking back and reflecting on the mood and vibe of the desert. The silence there is awesome, but when we got tired of hearing nothing, we would listen to Bob Dylan. I'm sure I was influenced by him, too.

Because of ALS, I was very weak for this song, so I tried to keep it simple.
This photo is from when my dad and I drove home from L.A. after having to leave David Lee Roth's band. We spent the night here in the Alabama Hills.

Jason Becker - "Billy The Carrot" - Unreleased Demo #2

Jason Becker - "Sliding Away" - Unreleased Demo #1