Sarah Benton, Jason Becker: talented luthier builds Jason a secret guitar

Sarah Benton is building this absolutely gorgeous guitar for Jason Becker based on one of his dad's beautiful paintings. I can't believe how amazing this guitar is coming out, and I can't wait to see it when it's done! Special thanks to Rafael Barajas and Werner Goertz for your help!

Sarah Benton says:
"Alright guys, I can't keep it a secret you all know (if you are familiar with the Jason Becker story), JB's father, Gary Becker, is an artist. For about a year, I was trying to come up with a concept for a guitar to capture my appreciation for what JB stands for, along with the amazing family/friends he has supporting him. I found this piece by Gary, and thought to myself "this is it!" I started building with the help of Rafael Barajas @thornguitars and Werner Goertz . I've been watching my dream come true over the course of a year, and as I put the neck on the body yesterday, I realized....secret or no secret, I have to share this with the world. (Don't be mad at me Werner 😉) now, the plan is, I am going to present the guitar to Jason around the beginning of next month with this option: he can either keep it for himself, or we can auction it off and all of the proceeds go to Jason and his family. This has been such an honor and a privilege.....thank you to all the people that have been supporting me through the beginning of my career. More to come in the future! Love you all! Jason Becker #luthier #luthiery #guitar #guitarporn #guitarcraft #woodwork #handpainted #custominlays #art #garybecker #garybeckerart #jasonbecker #iloveyouall #thankyou #me ❤️😂🎸"