Attila Vörös: S.O.W. - Insolence feat Esse Hatesphere - Guitar Playthrough

Attila Vörös - Insolence - feat Hatesphere's Esse. NEW ALBUM "Strength Of Will" coming in December / 2016. Featuring artists from the following bands: Arch Enemy, Ektomorf, Ghost Ship Octavius, Hatesphere, Mayhem, Nevermore and many more.
Signal chain:
GPD 7 string telecaster / Schecter Syn Custom - OCD - Randall RG 1503H - Marshall 1960BX - SM57 - Focusrite ISA828 MIc preamp - Apogee Symphony AD/DA converter
Guirar reamping at: ReAmp studio (Hungary)
Gear used and abused:
GPD custom handmade 7 string telecaster with custom Sublime pickups: guitars (Synyster Custom with EMG JH set) DCE-888 acoustic guitar and Cort GB34 J BK bass guitar (many thanks to
EMG pickups / - thanks to Ball strings:

Order first single, Scar VII featuring Chris Amott (Armageddon/ex-Arch Enemy):
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Postproductions, photo of editor: Attila Vörös
Cameraman: Gabriella Németh
Guitars / Bass: Attila Vörös
Drums: Béla Budai (Béla using Bosphorus cymbals -
Drums were recorded at Tonitrus Hangstúdió in 2016 (
Attila Vörös S.O.W. - Insolence feat Esse Hatesphere - Guitar Playthrough