John F Klaver: Outside Concepts Blues Masterclass

Outside Concepts Blues Masterclass

John F. Klaver returns with a masterclass designed to teach you exactly how to utilise 'outside playing' in your own solos by maximising your use of tension and release to create interesting melodic ideas and really draw your listeners in!

John says 'This package is really about stepping outside the pentatonic box, and even about stepping outside of the key of the song you're playing in but of course, we're going to go back inside again.

We're moving patterns around using intervals, we're using scales like the octatonic scale, altered scale, whole-tone scale and we're even suggesting other chords over the backing track we're playing in.

It's going to make you sound really hip, and it's going to take your playing to a whole new level.'

The main lesson to this awesome masterclass on 'outside' playing revolves around the masterclass document. This contains the core lesson material, complete with fretboard diagrams, exercise and phrase explanations and the complete TAB/Notation for everything in the package.

To accompany this we have 10 exercises (with video/audio) designed to get you practising the concepts and learn exactly how they all work. Once you've mastered these it's onto the example phrases!

In the 10 example phrases (which also come with video/audio) you'll find 10 'real world' musical ideas that get you practising how to slip these interesting outside ideas into your everyday blues playing and give the material from the exercises some context.

Next up we have the full solo which brings it all together in one rocking solo that utilises everything we've been working on in the pack, giving you a wider context and a lot of inspiration for your own soloing ideas!

Rounding everything off are three versions of a very jammable backing track (of differing lengths) so you can practise and perfect the material from this pack or jam out your own ideas inspired by John's playing! This track has been designed to stay out of your way a little bit, allowing you to try many different approaches to outside playing all over one track, but of course the concepts can be used where ever you deem appropriate!

If you've ever been inspired by the interesting and engaging sound of outside playing and tension/resolution but never been able to figure out just how it all works, then this is the package you need to takes things to the next level!