Nina Kalsarikännit: first solo - original song "Flow".

Hey guys, this is actually my first solo - original song "Flow". I really hope you enjoy my music :) I´m also happy about every "Like" and "Share"

Friends!!! I can´t believe that it´s actually true. The music video for my first solo song is finished after a long long time !! It´s unbelievable how much effort and patience you have to put in such a project. It was a great experience for me! I learned a lot and had so much fun even when there were moments that made me doubt. I hope it might open new doors for me and my music. - Anyway, I am happy.

Thanks to these cool people who helped me:
Thank you, Martin Schulz, for your patience (;D) and your expected amazing recording! Hans Christian Rose: Thanks for a great mix, the insane Subdrops ^^ and your effort, to get the best out of it! Finally, remember the following name if you need a video-shooting blessed with competence and creativity. Philipp Dobberstein! The master of the camera. I am really overwhelmed! THANK YOU!
If you enjoyed my song feel free to like and share - that would mean a lot to me!
Thanks for listening, Nina

Nina Kubatzki - Flow (Original) HD