Josh Seguin: 'Mooer Hyper Thrash' (05 Fifty-Fifty 3 Demo)

I'm now on Patreon! The song in this video will be my first downloadable content here at: Become a patron so I can create more music and share it with the world! Each song will only be around $2, a high quality file, and will be an adventure I promise! Song Description: I bought a Mooer 005 Preamp Pedal for 98 bucks. I decided to plug headphones into it and just started jamming out on my 6 string. It really inspired me. It has fantastic semi-oldschool thrashy tones with enough bite to satisfy a modern enthusiast. With the newfound inspiration, I wrote this tune :) Please know EVERY GUITAR PART HEARD HERE IS THE MOOER 005 PEDAL DIRECT WITH CAB SIMULATION ON WITH MINIMAL POST EQ/PROCESSING! I hope you enjoy this wild vid! Random note: If you're interested in learning how to make some extra cash through Bitcoin trading let me know! I've been using this company and making enough extra dough to really help pick up the slack. Check em out, they're awesome.

Josh Seguin - 'Mooer Hyper Thrash' (05 Fifty-Fifty 3 Demo)