Tom Quayle: Our YouTube experiences

GuitCon 2017 - I am joined by two amazing musicians and YouTubers, Colin Scott from CSGuitars and Tom Quayle. We talk about when and why we started doing YouTube videos and what it has meant to us. I'm so grateful these guys found time to share their experiences with me.

Tom Quayle


The beautiful guitars we are holding:
- Schecter Nick Johnston signature
- Framus The Blank T
- Hagström The Viking Goldtop

Hi, my name is Vladimir. I'm a musician from the polar bear populated Finland who loves music, coffee and creating stuff, whether it's music, videos, photography or graphic design. I started doing YouTube videos to share the things I've learned over the years and provide interesting and valuable content that would hopefully inspire others to do more music as well.

Our YouTube experiences - with Tom Quayle and CSGuitars