Brad Bradbury: Non-Functional Dominant Backing Track.

This is not your usual backing track to play guitar over where you are told the key and then just shred the scale. Featuring non-functional dominant chords you will need to play to the chords and not the key, this is a great(and often over-looked) skill to develop.

The progression is quite straight forward:


Scale wise I chose
Gm pentatonic for Gm7
G# Lydian dominant for G#13
F# Lydian dominant for F#13

There are other scale choices these were just the ones I like at the time. To give your improvising a strong connection to the chords find target notes to highlight the chord changes. I used root notes(G/G#/F#) which give a strong, stable connection, other intervals, especially 3rds and 7ths give a different feel.

Take time to inspect the scale diagrams and what notes are shared(blue and orange) and which notes differ(solid colour) between the scales.

Have fun, and please sub and like if this video helps.

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Non-Functional Dominant Backing Track.