Matsuhara Masaki: God of work

Correlation of work and sound ---- Beautiful solo, born out of smooth fingering that sucks on the fingerboard, code voicing combined with an exquisite balance of floating feeling and tension. Kyoji Hidekazu, Inoue Kenji, Kenji Takamizu, Hideo Yamaki, Yoshiki Kojima and his allies, Okonari who now has numerous performances in the Japanese music world with superb first-class techniques and honed sensibilities, the first to unravel about its play and sound The studio live accompanied with the pre-production, rehearsal and dubbing scenery until these sounds are completed are recorded. Also, I will explain the amplifier and rack system that ultimately produces sticking attention by himself / herself. Included in the enclosed CD are the studio · live sound source and the minus · one sound source of the lead · guitar that were mixed and mastered under the sound generation · present · person · him · · ·. The only one, the ultimate guitar instructional DVD. ※ Personal handwritten music score + wiring diagram + layout drawing Details of the enclosed items are here →
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【God of work】 "Imaigo Studio · Live & Guitar · Instruction" feat. Inoue Kenji, Takashimizu Kenji, Yamaki Hideo, Kojima Yoshihiro