Matt McCourt: the wild dogs story Chapter 3 -Trouble in paradise

the second chapter in the wild dogs story matt talks abut the band now up and running with some recogition decides to "improve" the group by replacing the crazy attention getting and 20 lbs over weight McCourt in an attempt to get signed to a major label recording contract Matt had no idea the mutinous bandmates were plotting against him he also talls about " the villa" the ghetto apartment he managed while and mayhem

the wild dogs story Chapter 2 -Trouble in paradise

after being ousted from wild dogs and the evil genius parting ways mccourt and future ex wife Angie land a job managing an apartment building in north portland when it was gang town a seedy rat infested roach congested place he made famous on the dr mastermind lp in the song THE VILLA he tells a FEW of the many stories there may be a part 2 to this) of the time he spent wrangling the weirdos and old folks who inhabited the house where evil dwells ( 32 minutes) /all/usmetal

chapter 3 the widl dogs story la villa mayhem