Michael Abdow: The Alexandria That Is Leaving - E.S.O. album ready for your Christmas stocking

"The Alexandria That Is Leaving" is the second track from multi-instrumentalist Michael Abdow's progressive rock/fusion epic E.S.O. (2017). This concept album features 9 eclectic tracks of highly composed, passionate lead guitar driven music; appealing to music lovers and guitar aficionados alike. E.S.O. is Michael's third solo release following Native Alien (2010) and Life Symbolic (2013).

He is perhaps best known for his work as progressive rock/metal band Fates Warning's touring guitarist (2013-present); appearing on the group's latest album Theories Of Flight. He was also a member of Prosthetic Records' Last Chance To Reason (2011-2013); writing and soloing extensively on the album Level 3.

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Physical: www.michaelabdow.bigcartel.com
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/michael-abdow/363753670
Official Artist Site: www.michaelabdow.com

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Cameras: David Brodsky, Allison Woest and Mike Compitello
Edited by: Allison Woest and David Brodsky
Crew: Ronny Sosa and Ryan Kratz
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Michael Abdow - The Alexandria That Is Leaving (OFFICIAL VIDEO)