Brev Sullivan: Kiesel Aries, vs Vader 6, vs Aries 7 - bags of smoking licks

live and studio clips of my shows and appearances with the awesome line of Kiesel custom guitars.
Clip1- "The Baroque warmup" -Studio
Clip 2- "She's only Seventeen" w Kip Winger Destination Daytona
Clip 3- "Prairie Metal" Studio
Clip 4- "Nashville Kid"
Clip 5 "Nessun Dorma" Studio
Clip 6 - "With a little Help from my Friends" The Miami Symphony orchestra- Maestro Eduardo Marturet conducting
Clip 7 - "Proto Cosmos Solo"
Clip 8- "Cantina Band"
Clip 9 - Tribute to Gary Moore, Richie Blackmore"

Kiesel Aries, vs Vader 6, vs Aries 7, Brev Sullivan

Proto Cosmos Kiesel 7 Brev Sullivan