Samantha Fish: on Audiotree Live with EP available

Samantha Fish: on Audiotree Live

1.Cowtown 05:03
2.Need You More 04:02
3.Don't Say You Love Me 05:22
4.Daughters 06:03
5.American Dream 03:59 video

Samantha Fish is a prolific songwriter and gifted blues guitarist who has released six albums since her debut in 2009. She's a seasoned performer whose versatile vocal delivery and technical, yet soulful guitar playing has spanned the gamut of roots music: rock n roll, jazz, blues, country and even doo wop. Fish released two albums in 2017 alone, highlighting her deep knowledge of Southern blues and Western country.

Band Members

Samantha Fish - Vocals and Guitar
Phil Breen - Keys
Scott Graves - Drums
Christopher Alexander - Bass and Vocals
Rebecca Crenshaw - Violin, Viola and Vocals
Chris Spies - Saxaphone, Flute and Percussion
Alex Massa - Trumpet, Mandolin, and Percussion
released February 13, 2018