David Torn, Stephan Thelen, Bernhard Wagner : Vortex (w. David Torn) by Sonar


1.Part 44 09:56
2.Red Shift 10:31
3.Waves and Particles 07:49
4.Monolith 10:47
5.Vortex 09:37
6.Lookface! 07:13

Sonar’s fourth release Vortex reflects the sound of surprise. After three uncompromising quartet albums exploring the edges of minimalist groove, the Swiss group has partnered with renowned guitarist, composer and producer David Torn for its RareNoise debut.

The band, comprised of guitarists Stephan Thelen and Bernhard Wagner, bassist Christian Kuntner and drummer Manuel Pasquinelli have long been celebrated for combining the visceral power and dynamics of art rock with a minimalist aesthetic. Their previous album, 2015’s Black Light, attracted significant media and musician attention. Legendary avant-guitarist Henry Kaiser took a particular interest in the group and was determined to pair them up with Torn for their next album.

“Henry wrote me and said ‘There’s this Swiss band Sonar that uses tritone tunings in a really interesting way. They’re pretty minimalist. I think you should produce it,’” said Torn. “I dug into Black Light and enjoyed the music right away. The band has a boldness within its sparseness. I started having ideas quickly. I felt some of the rock elements could be more rocking and that things could be rougher sounding. I wanted to add another layer to it. And off we went.”

But what began as a production relationship with the... more
released May 29, 2018

Stephan Thelen - Guitar
Bernhard Wagner - Guitar
Christian Kuntner - Electric Bass
Manuel Pasquinelli - Drums
David Torn - Electric Guitar, Live-looping & Manipulation


1 PART 44 - 9:56
2 RED SHIFT - 10:31
4 MONOLITH - 10:47
5 VORTEX - 9:37
6 LOOKFACE! - 7:13

Produced and mixed by David Torn
Recorded at Powerplay Studio A in Maur near Zürich, Switzerland, February 15-17, 2017
Engineer: D.James Goodwin
Assistant: Reto Muggli
Mastered by Serge Christen, www.mazzivesound.ch
All compositions by Stephan Thelen except
Part 44 by Stephan Thelen and Don Li
Monolith by Stephan Thelen and David Torn
Lookface! by Stephan Thelen, Bernhard Wagner,
Christian Kuntner, Manuel Pasquinelli, and David Torn
Published by RareNoisePublishing (PRS)
Executive Producer for RareNoiseRecords: Giacomo Bruzzo
Special thanks to: Anil Prasad, Henry Kaiser, Alex Mullarkey, Susann Smitka, Thomas Becker, Jerry Rojas, Markus Reuter, and Giacomo Bruzzo.
David Torn appears courtesy of ECM Records#