Fidel De Jesus: Xeno Devata - Afterlife - Splitscreen live playthrough

Here's another thing that I've been wanting to do for quite a while now, and that is to record a single take playthrough of Xeno Devata's Afterlife! It is rearranged a bit after the new members had joined in, so what you are hearing or watching is pretty much what we play in a full band setting. Hope you enjoy and please share if you dig!

Guitar tracks are recorded at Fidel's home studio
Bass track is recorded and mixed by Lehmann Flores at his home studio
Drum track is performed by Matthew De Mesa and live recorded during our EP launch last May 12th with the help of Banana Rising Recording Studio

Audio mixing, mastering and video editing by Fidel De Jesus

Shoutout also to Nof Customs for always keeping my guitar in tip-top shape!

Xeno Devata - Afterlife (splitscreen live playthrough)