Puriku, Inhei: Unlucky Morpheus - with sheet music

In the new Unlucky Morpheus EP, there is a trick nobody has ever done before! Try to read CADAVER's sheet music backward ... it's converted to REVADAC's! Unlucky Morpheus whole body new EP! "1 song" CADAVER " It is a masterpiece that can only be made for Unlucky Morpheus, which was the world's first gimmick that when you read the score of the other from the reverse, it becomes the score of the second song "REVADAC"! Unlucky Morpheus New EP "CADAVER / REVADAC" product number: ANKM - 0027 1300 yen (1404 yen including tax) 2018/3/28 Release track list 1.CADAVER 2.REVADAC 3.La voix du sang (Live 2017.9.14)