Chris Brooks: Sweep Picking Speed Strategies for Guitar Hi guys! The wait is over and my new book is out now! "Sweep Picking Speed Strategies" is a comprehensive method that goes beyond drills and encompasses all aspects of playing smooth, fast and great-sounding arpeggios! Everything from turnaround mechanics, rest strokes, fretting hand technique, pick slant application and practice goals are included.

I wrote this book for you and for every player who understands what sweep picking is in the broader sense, yet still desires a better result. I consulted many guitarists in working on this book to craft a compendium of solutions and approaches while also showing you how to explore options and make your own choices.

Want shapes and licks? You get those too. There are over 100 fretboard diagrams, including shapes formulated for speed and customisation.

Thanks for once again entrusting me to be your guide through another Fundamental Changes publication! Get your copy from Amazon at:

Sweep Picking Speed Strategies for Guitar - Chris Brooks