Chris Schiermann: Technical Disabilities from self-titled debut album

Guitarist Chris Schiermann's solo project SCHIERMANN and self-titled debut album was released Dec. 8. The debut is a journey of adventurous and infectious melodies and intelligent grooves topped off with a large dose of virtuoso lead work inspired by many players across the decades making this not only a celebration of his work, but the progressive /tech metal scene as a whole with many special guest appearances from the top players in the genre on the album.

Chris Schiermann Guitars
Matt Ball Bass Guitar
Arnaud Verrier Drums
Zane Williams Guitars


1. Weniger Zeit 07:35
2. Northern Lights 04:47
3. Stygian Path 09:13
4. Amarantine 06:10
5. Flexuous 08:56
6. Technical Disabilities 08:51

released December 8, 2017

All Songs written and arranged by Chris Schiermann
Guitars tracked at Purple Sun Studio
Mixed and Mastered by Acle Kahney 4D Sounds
all rights reserved

Technical Disabilities HD