Michael Hermes: Departure from the Lowdown EP (Official Music Video)

Official music video for 'Departure', from the Lowdown EP.
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1.Lowdown 05:46
2.Void 04:36
3.Benthos 01:03
4.Departure 04:12
5.Homeland 01:14


Alan Watts

Written, recorded, produced, and mixed by Michael Hermes.
Mastered by Ryan Foster.
released March 10, 2018

Departure is one of the five songs that are featured in my latest EP, 'Lowdown' feat. Alan Watts. I've spoken to Alan's son, Mark, about using his father's voice in some of the songs and was happily given permission. Departure closes this EP, being the last main song, followed by a piano + strings outro. This EP is my greatest release so far, and was written in the midst of dealing with family health issues. Although writing music was primarily an escape, it came to be what I wanted to do, no matter the other options. This is still very true to this day. I'm very excited to release this video, as I'm sharing a piece of my personal life with you guys. If you are interested in hearing the rest of my music, visit my website listed below. Thank you for supporting my music by watching this video. If you would like to further support me, be sure to like, comment and subscribe to my Youtube channel. Subscription link is listed above.

Michael Hermes - Departure (Official Music Video)