Marco Puglisi: Syndrone - Classy Chaos Mechanics - Now on CD

Chaos Mechanics

1. Cryogenic State Interruption 06:20
2. Heartbeta 2.0 05:59
3. Cyborg Nephilim (feat. Paul Wardingham) 05:40
4. Dissonant Pulse 04:57
5. Neuronic Breakdown 04:06
6. Plasmocyte 04:50
7. Epsilon Eclipse (feat. Keegan Donovan)05:22
8. Psymorphobia 04:43
9. Enigma Machine 05:00
10. Future Time Warp 06:08

Chaos Mechanics Is Syndrone's first official instrumental guitar album (2018). Combining complex, heavy and tight rhythm guitar playing, virtuoso yet melodic lead guitar playing and industrial, futuristic soundscapes, this 10 track sledgehammer will definitely leave its mark on you! Entirely self-produced (composing, recording, mixing, mastering), this album is as much SYNDRONE as it gets!

Immerse into an intense post-apocalyptic atmosphere and embrace the CHAOS MECHANICS!

Contains sweet guest guitar solos by Paul Wardingham and Keegan Donovan!


released March 3, 2018

All music written, recorded, mixed and mastered by SYNDRONE at SyndroneStudio in Basel, Switzerland.

Fortin NTS Amp Plugin Demo by SYNDRONE

SYNDRONE - Epsilon Eclipse (feat. Keegan Donovan) Guitar Playthrough