Joey Concepcion: Kickstarter Campaign

Joey Concepcion New Solo album

Kickstarter Campaign Video:

Hey Guys, Joey Concepcion here

I’m really excited to announce I will be putting out my second solo album this year, but I need your help! So I can make my dream of this album come true,

I started writing most of this album last year and tried to begin funding it myself but I simply couldn’t afford all the funds to make this albums true vision come to fruition,

In these hard days record labels are dying out and the fans are becoming the label, So I please ask for your contribution to help me make this album in its highest degree of quality! 100% of your contributions will go into the making of the new album

I’ve reached out to some friends of mine in the industry to make this album that much cooler,

On drums I have my boy Jeramie Kling my bandmate from The Absence, Laying down some brutal drum shreddage

For artwork
I have the absolutely brilliant Gustavo Sazes providing artwork for the new record

My good friend Edwin Escobar will be doing music videos again for me to make the promotion of the album killer

so far I have confirmed guest guitar solos from Al Joseph, Jordan Ziff, My dear friend Christopher Amott and the masterful and mighty Jeff Loomis, more names will yet to follow,

To show my hard work and gratitude, I will be offering some really cool rewards to each contribution so it is well worth it, and I will also be releasing a single from the album early on this coming month to get you all excited for the new record!

Thank you all for hearing me out and watching this video, Your help means the world to me, So I please politely ask for your help in making the dream of this album come true! Thank you and I’ll see you soon!

Joey Concepcion: Kickstarter Campaign