Kyle Schaefer, Yvette Young: Archaeologist - Sojourner and Sunbreaker

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1.Sojourner (feat. Yvette Young) 07:04
2.Vesuvius (feat. Chris Lee) 06:12
3.Sunbreaker (feat. Sithu Aye) 03:39
4.Archipelago 04:09
5.Radiate 01:07
6.Noctivigant (feat. Gad Gidon) 03:49
7.Quiver (feat. Gavin Castleton) 04:15

"Odysseys" was an unplanned departure from the path I had set for Archaeologist. I saw this EP as an opportunity to try new things, work with new people, and challenge my regular process - I hope you all enjoy the result!
released August 8, 2017

Ciro Abraham - drums
Lorenzo Madrid - bass
Kyle Schaefer - guitars + extras

Produced by Kyle Schaefer and Ciro Abraham at Fortress Recording
Mastered by Nathan Kane

Artwork and design by Lorraine Green

Guest appearances by:
Yvette Young (Covet) - violin and guitar on Sojourner
Chris Lee (Kinetik) - guitar solo on Vesuvius
Sithu Aye - guitar solo on Sunbreaker
Gad Gidon (The Last Of Lucy) - guitar solo on Noctivigant
Gavin Castleton (The Dear Hunter) - piano, keys and synth solo on Quiver

All songs written by Kyle Schaefer

Official video for Sojourner:

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This is a long overdue playthrough of "Sunbreaker" from the Odysseys EP:

Guitar solo by Sithu Aye

Archaeologist - Sojourner (feat. Yvette Young)

Archaeologist - Sunbreaker (guitar playthrough)