Adrian English: hypersonic shredder passes away, RIP

Adrian English: hypersonic shredder passes away RIP

My sympathies and condolences to the family and friend of Adrian English. I've known Adrian a long time when his demos were circulated broadly back in the day. His technique was terrifying and arsenal of licks stupefying, he truly was a hypersonic shredder and his licks will be missed around these parts. RIP king of shred!


Adrian English

I go by 7shredder, when I was 10 years old I heard Eruption(EVH) on KPOI Hawaii's 98ROCK and it changed my life forever,I became obsessed with playing the guitar and at 10 was lucky enough to get instruction from Marty Friedman( Hawaii, Cacophony, Megadeth) when he taught at hot licks guitars (Makaloa Plaza,Hawaii). When he left to do Cacophony, a few years later I came back to hot licks and the teachings of Frank Paulino who turned me onto the entire(now)First Gen Shrapnel 15 I relocated to Las Vegas and started playing nightclubs at night after going to school,and decided it was time to start writing instrumental shred but Hard core!

I then met Tony Lopez in high school guitar class(15yrs. old) hit it off and when we were 17 sent a demo to Mike Varney(Shrapnel Rec) with a very special Drum Guest appearance from Jamie Borden who  toured with Neil Peart (Rush) and has been featured in star licks instructional videos. Mike Varney featured me in Hometown Hero's column July 93' Guitar World with Mike Romeo of Symphony X, and at 19 yrs old(1994) I landed in the top 30"pre"Auditions for Ozzy Osbourne when Zakk first left. all along the way Shredding it down with my band mates from Vegas Euthanasia, had to take a LONG break after a massive family loss, and got back into writing really serious instrumental shred, in the process had the opportunity to record with the original drummer from Apocrypha(Forgotten Scroll and Eyes Of Time) Mike Poe.

From there in late 08' a fellow shredder Pete Pachio introduced me to Mike McDowell and SHRED GUY RECORDS. I redid an old shrapnel demo song called  FLIGHT OF THE BLUE PHOENIX w/ Pete guest soloing ,which was featured on Shred Guys SHREDDING ACROSS THE WORLD VOL.2,signed a deal in 09' with Mike McDowell for the full release of A.D.D. featuring Guest solo's - Chris Storey formerly All Shall Perish,while also being featured in Guitar Worlds on line videos to hype 2011's INNERPLANETARIUM my first full artist signing with SHRED GUY. Since the release of INNER P. ..I said "Its time"!!And started officially writing my answer to A.D.D.

T O T A L    C H A O S !!!

Thanks to Chris Bickley(Shred Guy recording artist)I've been invoked into the RICK HANES guitar Family and as of Oct. 2012 received the Sickest 7 string guitar i have ever played,My Rick Hanes AE7 custom(Total Chaos Edition) 7 string Death axe. The build my soon coming Release on Shred Guy Records. and by far it IS...the best guitar i have ever played and owned,sick action,custom attributes,and lethal aggressive tone! My Sig AE7 is very unique onto the Rick Hanes series as the hand drawn music notes were done by my best friend Tony Lopez who appears on Total Chaos to mark a 20 yr. Shred Brotherhood recording anniversary. you will not see,hear, or play this special axe anywhere else but Rick Hanes!



1. Viper 04:19
2. Innerplanetarium 04:03
3. Awoo's Beach House 03:55
4. Ten Ways 04:50
5. Transcendence 02:57
6. Solidarity 03:34
7. Sinistar 04:04
8. Velvet Rain 03:50
9. Paranomally 04:41
10. Whats Under Your Shred 06:09
11. G-Theory 07:44
12. Harmony Creek 05:17

1. Intro /3 Minds of Pain
2. Waking the Shread !
3. Skinless
4. Taco Bell Cannon (Solo)
5. Jekyl-n-Hyde
6. I Evolve
7. Bridges to Insanity (Intermission)
8. A.D.D.
9. Glitch (Solo)
10. They Unravel
11. Mechanized w/ Chris Storey (Guest Outro Harmonies)
12. Me Robot Postal
13. Time Bomb !
14. Beat You Down
15. Acidic Fairytale

Total Chaos:

1. Rubix Death Cube
2. Inner Changeable Mutilation
3. My Technical Slaughterhouse
4. Brutect
5. Sounds Like a Bad Painting
6. The Licentious
7. The Resurrection of Mother Wolf
8. Mini Gun Holiday
9. Inorganic Tri Mortal Reflux
10. Enter Psych Blender
11. A Distribution of Madness
12. Total Chaos
13. The Nine Yard Belt

Adrian English - Enter Psych Blender (total Chaos) Shred Guy Records 2013 Official Video

Adrian English Brutect -Total Chaos 2014

Adrian English - Gear Tour

Rick Hanes Guitars USA Artist - Adrian English ( RICKHANES TOTAL CHAOS PROMOTE )

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Michael McDowell
Adrian English article in Gitar Plus magazine.

Michael McDowell
When Adrian was on the front page of Guitar World....

Sean Baker

Woke up today to the news of a friend passing away. Adrian English was a great musician, a great guitarist, and more importantly.....a great person. I will never forget our long phone calls and your great personality. Thank you for letting me play on your CD and sharing your musical journey with me. Rest In Peace my friend......

Rob Johnson
What !

Adrian was such a great player

This is Sad 😓

Sorry Michael McDowell and to all of his friends and those who enjoyed his music


Stephen Ross
Terrible news. RIP Adrian.

Mike Abdow

So sorry to hear of the early passing of my friend Adrian English. We shared such great moments together with the Shredguy Records/Rick Hanes Guitars families. His personality was so intense and his music matched it in the greatest ways. The man is alive in the music he left us.

Pete Pachio
What can I say about my brother in shred Adrian English ? He was that and then some. A great guy, friend , and partner . Together we created some incredible music. Some critics referred to us as the “ new millennium cacophony “ Which to both of us was a HUGE adrenaline rush and shot in the arm since we both idolized Marty and Jason . I will remember all the good times . Jamming , writing , hanging out , going to shows together . A HUGE memory is when myself , Adrian, and Jorge Galvan went to NAMM together to witness the racer x reunion . Right now , I am in a saddened state to not have my brother in shred alive . About a year back we were talking about a collab again , but , unfortunately life steps in and it did not happen . I promise to you brother Adrian that I will carry the torch for our genre of music . Your name and our project of Future Devastation Movement will carry on through the years and decades as being ground breaking . I miss and love you brother with all my heart . See you on the other side and Godspeed . Love , Pete Pachio

Chris Bickley
Today the world is a little less brighter, Rest in peace Adrian English. Gona Miss you bro.. you were always the king of Shred.

Mark Claytor
Gone way too soon. I'll never forget our phone call and your words of encouragement. "Velvet Rain" from this album was huge for me. R.I.P. AdrianEnglish

Angela Grant
I'm sorry to inform our mutual friends from Hawaii and the guitar community of the passing of Adrian English.

Shred in paradise, my dear friend. You are already so missed.

Jimmy Pitts 
... Adrian was such a great person and musician. I only knew him on here but we used to chat a lot. This is a huge loss

Toby Knapp
The word "shred" is used way too liberally when talking about guitarists. Adrian English is one of three people I've actually met in person that is worthy of the title "shredder". A devastating loss to the guitar community. R.I.P. old friend.

Phoenix van der Weiden 
My sincere condolences


  1. Haven't talked to Adrian since the early 90's. Always thought of tryn to reach out for a howzit from Kalama Valley. I was just looking into how i could get in touch with him and saw this. I lollygagged for 25 plus years. Much Aloha to his family and friends. I can almost here his infectious laugh. And i can almost see him cherrypicking his freestyle bmx just as i did in the late 80s. I will see him again one day. I promise not to lollyg
    ag too long.

  2. I'm so very happy to see all the love for Adrian out there. I was always so amazed at what he could do with a guitar. I remember him showing me one of his advanced chords on guitar when we were older. Now mind you, I'm almost half his size, but still, it took me two hands to just make the chord, lol. I next asked him how I'm supposed to strum. He was such a fun character. Being his older brother, I had the pleasure of seeing him grow up and was a bit of a jump start teacher for him. From a baby, he used to crawl across the floor at top speed if he saw my guitar across the room. Bam! There they would topple over together, Adrian laughing with his little chubby fingers entwined in the strings. Lol. From there, it was inevitable! The guitar became part of him, part of his soul. The notes were his voice and the notes rang and screamed loud and strong. I'll forever miss that little Bud Spud of mine. Love from this life and beyond little Bro!


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