Isao Fujita: soLi 1st Album [soLi] Trailer

The trailer for the instrumental unit soLi and 1st album “soLi” by ISAO (Gt) & Saori Hoshino (Vn), scheduled to be released on January 22, 2020 (Wednesday), has been completed. 1st album of instrumental unit soLi by multi-string guitarist ISAO and female violinist Saori Hoshino. A miraculous artistic work with elements such as classics and game music that is the roots of two people, centered on technical and melodious hard rock / heavy metal, with a focus on guitar and violin. Super strong members from Isamu Hamada (Ba), BOH (Ba), Yuno Maeda (Ds), Hideki Harazawa (Hideki: Ds / MAHATMA, ALHAMBRA) who are also active in various fields also participated. Mixing is Unlucky Morpheus, GUN from UNDEAD CORPORATION. 2020 music scene is one of the first inevitable impact. Artist: soLi Title: soLi Release Date: January 22, 2020 (Wednesday) Label: Walküre Records Format: CD Product Number: WLKR-0043 Tax-excluded price ¥ 3,000 + tax

1.Opening Gambit (music:ISAO)
2.Burning Blood (music:ISAO)
3.Behind U! (music:ISAO)
4.Mirror's Nest (music:ISAO)
5.Der Baum (music:星野沙織)
6.the Flamer (music:ISAO)
7.Plasma (music:ISAO)
8.Quiet Waltz (music:星野沙織)
9.the Tower (music:星野沙織)

soLi are
ISAO :Guitar
星野沙織 :Violin

【Guest Musicians】
瀧田イサム :Bass / track 3,4,6,8
BOH :Bass / track 1,2,7,9
前田遊野 :Drums / track 3,4,6,8
原澤秀樹(Hideki) :Drums / track 1,2,7,9